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A word about our Zen Meditation practice…

A regular meditation practitioner once said, "I like this place because it provides a simple and neat environment for people to practice together. This is very rare is Singapore. There is nobody taking attendance, nobody telling you to do this or that. Your personality and dignity are respected. I have benefited a lot from meditation practice."

We welcome anybody to come and practice meditation with us. Zen Master Seung Sahn's teaching is "Don't check. Just do it." So, when we sit, we just sit. There is no checking of the way you sit, or how you think; not even your religious faith. Indeed, people of other religious faith frequently come to practice with us, and they feel very comfortable about it. In Zen meditation, any religious faith is no problem; only "practice to understand yourself."

So, if you like to practice in a group in a simple and peaceful environment, then come any Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday night. There will always be somebody around. You are not alone.